Farming USA 2 App Reviews

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Improvements Suggestions

This is a great game but I would like have to anhydrous tanks and an applicator. I would also like to see customizable vehicles different trucks and pickups bigger fields and where u can spray ur crops with a plane. Another thing would be mount fertilizer tanks on the side of the tractors. Make it to where u can go in the buildings and open the doors manually so if u just want to park something the doors aren’t open. And add different beds for the pickups and different trailers. Also make it to where u can attach and detach the loaders and duals. Put portable grain augers in also another grain bin sight. Another idea would be to make it to where u have to open the door of the trailers. Add atv ramps so u can load it on the back of the pickup so u don’t have to tow the trailer. Make it to where I have to do maintenance on the equipment and vehicles. Add a bigger feedlot and a feed truck instead of just a wagon. Make feed pits and haul different supplements in to feed. Make it to where u can build ur own buildings and build fences. Make it to where u have to repair stuff and put water tanks in the pastures and make loader forks and have pallets. Put in more tractors and make the computers to where u can work the fields at what degree u want. Had corrals to round up cattle. Add business in town and make traffic. Make circle and sprinkler pivots that u have to check. Hope u read this and make these changes.


Love the game but would be better if truck tires would actually spin when you drive through a muddy field. Would also be better if the trucks would roll coal like the pulling truck. Another thing why does the money I have constantly run out when I’m not buying anything?

Farmer boy 2003

It's awesome but it's hard to laid hay on trailer it would be cool if you could put a hay rapper to make sillage hay and some hay grabbers it also needs a garage place where you can costomize your trucks like jack them up or put brush Gards on them bigger tires and stuff like that and it also needs MULTIPLAYER and it also needs bigger hay equipment like self propelled hay mower and bigger rakes and Tedders and straps for your hay trailer as y'all also need chicken houses and dry stacks for the chicken litter and u need to be able to sell the litter and real spreader trucks and y’all need more breeds of cows and could u make it where if u breed like a black cow with a herferd u get a baldy calf and it would be awesome if u could make Corelle where u can work and separate cows Please and thank u for hearing what we have to say

Great game

Love the game but I wish we could chop down trees and put them in to Littler sizes and take them into the house and there be a fireplace and you can start a fire with the word and I wish there was an axe it would be great if you could build your own shreds and have a computer in the house and have a lumberyard and be able to have a place deliver something for you that you want

Love the great game awesome game love it

I want a dirt bike and a Chevy logo on the Chevy and a light bar on the trucks and I want to be able to buy houses and take care of them and a Chevy 2005 and I want to be able to get in your house on the game and a cb radio in the trucks and a boat.

Good game

Please add a larger map

Another update

How about a update that extends the world.I would also like if there is more farms .Can you make it more like farming simulator 17.Other than that the game is awesome i play it every day.

Upgrade on farming USA 2

I like the game. I wish you could sell the feedlot. I also want charolais cows. I want corrals that you use at your ranch. I want to be able to move cows with horses and 4wheelers. I want to have is a balebed pickup.

Too expensive

I love this game but the only thing I don’t like is I don’t think you should have to pay real money for vehicles after you’ve already bought the game

I love it

I love this game all I want is a John Deere 7800 and a 3 point bush hog thanks

Big bull maverick

Needs a 379 extended hood peterbuilt and a freight liner classic flat top extended hood and maby even a western star and it really needs more kase IH tractors with the right paint job and details and a bale loader like on farming simulator 16 if it had all that it would be the best game ever

Love the game but some problems

Love the game. But I would like some traffic I feel kind of lonely Also the snow blower and plows should not be in a pack because not really allowed to buy thing. Other than that love this Game. Also the mud takes forever to dry. I would also like more tractors. You should add more land, mor fields and bigger city. You should add stores, fairs, and more farmer that own there own land and have tractor. Still love the game. Hope tom see these in updates soon


Please make it to where you can hook the hay rakes to balers for easier hay making and a three axle cattle trailer for the pickup trucks, kabota tractors. I also can’t buy the gooseneck log trailer, it glitches


There needs to be backhoes and tandems also... this is the best game ever made for IOS

Pig barns

It would be pretty cool to see the inside of pig barn and actually open the pens to load the animals yourself. Than another cool thing to see would if you can have your own gps in the tractor and it doesn’t miss a single place in the field. Also it would be cool to have longer seasons so your not so rushed in planting and you can get all of the fields done. Overall I love he game it’s so addicting to play. Than also trucks.... having a big pickup instead of just dually trucks would be awesome to have. Again overall the game is so good I love it!!!!

Equipment brands and more equipment

Farming USA is my favorite game, but I wish they would add equipment brands such as Case IH and John Deere. I also Think it would be cool if you added rocks and add rock pickers, land rollers. It would also be cool if you could choose between a farmer who plows and a farmer who doesn’t. I think the most important thing is to add more land and fields.

Fun to play

I love this game it is really fun to play. I really enjoy playing this game it is a lot of fun.

Good game needs more

You should add some new atvs like rzrs and rock crawlers and I can’t figure out how to purchase hay how do you do that

Plz read and update

I was balling grain and somehow it got tipper and couldn’t get it fixed and had to sell it and i thing u should name the vehicles like John Deere 720 and put boats and stuff like that I would love boats if u could get boats I will rate this 5 stars thank you so much love the game 😀😀😀😀♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

An idea

The game should have an option for the truck to have caps on the back

Please do this

I would like and think it would be be able to go in the house and and campers and be able to sleep at night. And brighter light on tractors is very needed. Other wise great game

Awesome game

I like vet the game but in the new pasture the feeder doesn’t work right. And also fix the sprayers so they don’t unload so fast. Please add Challenger mt 865 c tractors. And add circles to irrigate the fields.

Problem with hay bales in latest update.

In the latest version of the game I have tried to sell my straw bales at the sell point, but it doesn’t do anything. I stack the bales in front of the dollar sign but it still doesn’t do anything. Any help is appreciated.


Add gooseneck cattle trailer with tarp, a feed box to feed cattle. More selections of trucks. Add kubota tractors and more selections of case tractors. Also make a bale spike bed. And most of all add the option to farm cotton and a cotton gin.

Farming USA 2

Like how u add snowplows but can u add lawnmowers and house so u can mow the lawn like farming simulator 17 I was reading ur things and u said a new large map will that have what I said up top and will that coast money And a dump truck and sheds to but trucks in so we have more room and finally a truck with a wood chipper on the back so then u can cut them up and give them in for money. And snowblowers but push ones like in real life and not on trucks Have u done anything else Please get back to my emails or calls if u don’t I WANT A REFUND Thanks have a nice day

2 Quick Qwestons

When is the next update Are you making a farming USA 3 Please answer soon Please

Waist my money

I just bought 10 dollars worth of money on this game and never showed up I am so mad plz help me I love this game tho


Great game I love big improvement since first one . I only wish you could have more than one game. Like be able to have 3 saved games. Other than that great job But now I can’t unload my beans at grain bins and at the elevator it won’t pay me

Love it,

Game is cool,there is one thing would make a interior in the farm house.

Great game love it

Would love to be able to load track and equipment on the same trailer and haul to other fields! And also a trip axle cattle trailer would be awesome to haul more cattle with your 1 ton! Some new style new Holland tractor to ! But love the game keep up the good work can’t wait for the new up dates !

Trailer problem

I can not hook up an 5th wheel or gooseneck trailers.

Keeps getting better

The only thing I could ask for now is snowmobiles that get destroyed in summer of drove and only work in winter and being able to take on and off duals on tractors

Farming usa 2

It could use a Snow Mobile

My review

I love the new trucks butt I wish there was a unlifted version and a dually flatbed or just dully also wish there was a bull dozer for logging and or a backhoe also maybe digable ground or the ability to make fields

Good game

It truly is a good game but one thing that would be nice is quicker semi and trucks. It is difficult to get stuff done at the time you need to do it. I have been working on a farm for five years and one thing I’ve learned is time is always a big enemy in a farmers eyes. That’s why faster vehicles would be wonderful.


PLEASE GIVE ME MY REFUND, THIS GAME IS A RIPOFF😡😤😠!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing

Hello first of all I love the game it’s great the only thing it needs is a dump truck.

This game is awesome!!!

I like the way the game is right now but it would be nice to have a cat bulldozer so you can make your on fields and clear the roads. P.S. this is one of my favorite games.


I think you should add dogs in the game that you can buy

Great game! But have a problem.

When I sell a vehicle It just stays in that spot I put it in.

Great game

I can’t purchase the gooseneck logging trailer no matter how much I try. I have well over the amount needed for purchase but it glitches every time I try to buy it. It is the only piece of equipment that I have had problems buying. It would be great if that could be fixed in the next update.

Old Tractor Requests

I’ll start by saying you did a great job with Farming USA 1 and 2, but the one thing that I wish to see in the game is older American tractors like a Farmall M, 560, or 450, a John Deere 60, 720, or 730, Allis Chalmers WC, WD45, or D19, Minneapolis Moline U, 445, or Super M670, Oliver 70, 77, or 1755, etc. In short it would be awesome to have some antique tractors and equipment to tool around with. Additionally, it would be amazing to have the ability to build different buildings and structures to expand your operation to suit your needs.

More equipment

I love Farming USA 2 but I think you should add a few pieces of equipment like a Mini track hoe and some attachments for it to put logs on the trailers and a zero turn mower and a longer gooseneck trailer to put more stuff on it. I also think you should add a shop for cars and trucks with shop doors instead of hangar doors.

Can you please make it where you can auto lodging for logging it would help so much

I’m kinda wanna refund because your so money hungry tho

Great game love it

I think you should and a full line of construction equipment make the pond a tad deeper and make it to were if you get to much rain the roads flood and I think you should make a tandem grain truck I think you should make and Oliver super 77 and an auger and place able grain bins and I think we should be able to farm pumpkins and rye and I think you should make more of a selection of sprayers and fertilizer spreader and a John Deere model And I think you should make a lane and a boat and you should make it to were you can go in the camper and the house and I think you should make a car and

More equipment

You should add a dump truck/dump bed for the flatbed Andrew should add a zero turn mower and you should be able to add strobe lights to your vehicle if you want them in any color if you do that I think you look really cool

Love the game but I wish

I love everything about the game except I think there should be regular Chevy ford and dodge trucks not just dually trucks and there should be different sounds along with the trucks and there should be quads and dirt bikes to ride around with a track and mud pit

Next update

Love the game but I think it would be even more fun if you made bigger roads and traffic also I would love it if you could add pivots but if you could make it to were you can choose what field you want the pivots on also it would be fun if you added cotton and all the stuff you need like cotton stripper and a cotton picker and everything else you need to strip or pick your cotton


Can you buy hay in the game ?


In app purchases are unavoidable

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