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Diving usa

In 2018 can u make digging usa

Online play

Great game, love it. But one thing that would really catch my attention the most would be online playing and play in one big world

Add more stuff please

Could you add a Tedder pls. Also add another selling point for square bales and could you add the big x and add a few more tractors. Thx.

Love the game it’s awesome

Hi so first off I’m a huge fan of the game it’s EPIC I have A few request please.(can you add it to where we can pick up dirt from anywhere,add something to hold the dirt(a truck or a trailer)can you add some more garages maybe one for the small trailer and some trucks,to be able to go inside the house,a feature where u can take the loader arms on/off,where you can turn the lights on/off on all vehicles,where you can plow any ground and farm on it,where you can log any trees anywhere and a covered trailer Well that’s all I want thanks for reading this if you do keep up the good work!

Great game 😀😀😃😃

Great game but it would be great with snow and lifted trucks and where you can pick up logs and cut logs into small pieces.

Definitely need to add

Should add excavators big and small more fields make it so you can cut any tree down . Also add more weather like snow add some traffic to make it real and add more open cab tractors like a John Deere 4320 4650 and make it so stuff can break and make it so you can fix it . add the ability to climb all ladders . Add stuff so you can build your truck the way you want and add welders so if you break a hitch or something off so you can put it back on. Make the game so you can make your character look the way you want and make it so you can have a family that helps out. Need to add bigger trailers and make it so you can put your equipment on it. Make it so you can put your own cab on a tractor if you want one on. Add bigger corn/bean planters and a bigger corn head, definitely need a kick baler and wagons .Make it so you can build your own barns . Add more stuff now this game is getting a little boring I need something to get my interest back . Please update soon I just deleted this game I need more things to buy, upgrade, places to work ground and bigger equipment.

John Deere lover

Please add upgrade options for trucks like bigger meaner tires,roll coal, also for the combine add tracks along with a challenge and a John Deere flat track thanks great game update soon and please make this multiplayer.


Love the game, can't purchase bales though. Id like to see 90 series J.I. Case tractors. Also would love to see cotton farming added. More cattle trailer like triple axle goose neck and a ground load semi and a side by side 14 bale hay trailer would be nice

Great game

You need snow

Love it

Love the game I would like to see a steering wheel option and a chopping combine also I would like if you could roll the tarp on the grain trailers and like to see little grain trucks thank you love the game


I love the game but it needs faster and more often updates and when loading hay onto the trailers you need to have like a lock so you can lock the bale on so it doesn't fall off

Farming USA 2

This is the best game ever 🚜

Farm USA 2

I love the game but you need to give my money that I pay you I never got my money


It will shut down mid play. would really like to see cotton added to the crops and and cotton picker. Also bale stacker wagon that is self propelled or towed by a tractor. A dozer would be nice as well to clear forested areas and develop fields with it.

Pls read

I love it but it needs snow and I would like a mode for messing around and multiple savegames

Great game needs some work

This is a really great and realistic game. The only bad thing is the workers for hire needs to be smarter on the fields. When the say they are done the field ain't done. This just needs some work on that


This game is awesome

Best farming game yet but could use a few more things

Absolutely love the game but would like to see a D8K dozer with everything to make new fields. Also would want cotton and a cotton stripper. Also would be good to have another machine shed and a 4 car garage by the house. And would like to be able to change duals and front end loaders between different tractors. Also would like to be able to go in the house and sleep at night. Last thing would like to a camper and camp grounds to go stay at. So it be awesome to see all of these things but even though it doesn't have all of these things I will still rate it a 5 star can't wait for yalls next game. Thanks

❄️ snow

It would make the game a lot better if you would add snow to the game and with it a gator and a snowblower that comes with it would be awesome! And a snowpack so it could earn you guys some more money and I would be willing to pay you if you did . This game is the best farming game ever invented! I hope you can read my message and make a snow season where you can get stuck with the gator and stuff and also you should add a thing where when it rains it gets really muddy and when your in the fields the tractor gets stuck that would be awesome 😃!!

I love this game

Now I love this game and almost every thing about it but I don't understand why can you buy a goose neck trailer when the fricken bumper trailer is in a equipment pack and I was wondering in the next update could y'all make the equipment packs free plz I would love it if Bowen games would add that I would also like to see dump trucks and two types of bulldozers a tiny one and a medium one and a backhoe and two types of excavators a mini ex and a huge ex Bowen games plz ad everything in this comment in the next update

I keep losing my progress because the game keeps crashing!

We have paid for the game and add ins of $40 and it keeps crashing on my son. So he loses his progress each time. Very frustrating! Please fix this issue!!!!

This game only need one thing

And that thing is a multiplayer option atlease via wifi cmon guys, i do t have 60 implements and tractors sittting just there for my use and thats it, i wanna share with others and cola orate using my implements

Best farming game ever

Best game I've ever played in my life. Please make a new one.

Good Concept, Needs Work

Want to like this game but it's just to hard to play. Just not a smooth interface. Tractors hard to drive, glitchy fields, hard to even look around when walking. Game is pretty cool concept but super low end graphics and user interface along with minimal to non existent instructions or game guides. I feel like I'm trudging through the game to get anything done. The helper option was a nice touch but the helper is a crappy helper. Always having to go back over what they mess up. Farming simulator series is a much better experience for game play but this game has much more of a real farm experience, just to hard to play.


I would like to see some snow with dozed blade options to put on the tractors .i would also like horse and a set of corals so when u want to move your cows u can use your horse or atv. U should also have the option oh a hydebed truck. And some open caves case and international and new holland and ford and the option to put a loader on the open cabed tractors.

We need single wheel Versions of the pickups

And a way to put your atv on the flatbed. We also a cowboy a single axle horse trailer it will make it more realistic. Grill guards are a must have and hay beds like a butlers bed. Also off road tires for the pickups and the pickups should be able to get stuck too. Thanks pretty please ad this Please reply to this comment and tell me something you are adding.


When is the next update going to be out?


Please add helicopters, self propelled hay mower , boat lake paid lawn care work

A few suggestions

Great game but needs seasons and multiplayer

Great game

There needs to me another equipment pack where there is like a camper where you can camp and pop outs come out and some new tractors with better options

Great game live it!!

Love this game I play it everyday. I would like to see a dozer and a track hoe and a dozer where you can dig your own ditches and doze your own dirt also would like to see where you can doze your own ground and make your own fields. On the combines and tractor I would like to see where you can turn your flashing lights on and off and have a computer in the cab that you can program. I also would like to see where you can role your own tarp on grain truck and grain cart. Would like to see smaller grain trucks like tandem grain truck but also keep the semi. Would love to have bigger fields where you can have more then one truck load out of. Other then that I love this game thank you very much hopefully you can put these on there. I would also like to see another update Fast with anhydrous tans and applicator but other then all of these this is the best farming game ever!!!

Great Game, just needs a few things...

This is probably the most realistic farming game on IOS. Love the game and the selections of equipment, but it could use a few more things if possible. Could you make the bale trailer automatically stack the bales instead of struggling to stack them? And if you could add a self propelled silage chopper and swather that would make the game 100x better.

Great game but...

You need to update it ASAP... and please add realistic mud

Sweet Game

The game is great, never get bored playing always something that can be done. Few things that could be fixed. 1. It seems like the hired hands keep pausing when they get to the end of a row. 2. Should be able to use a hired hand to run grain to mills or storage. 3. A auto bale-loaded or something else to load bales/strap them down. I'm sure I'm missing a few things but like I said over all a fun game to play. Keep up the great work.

No updates in month game has become boring


More semis

I think u should add a Pete 389 pride and class flattop


When is the next update going to be released??

Great just a few more updates

Great game. But add a zero turn and a walk behind/stand on and a f150.

John Deere farm boy

I really like this game but is there any way you could update it to where there is a John Deere 9430t track tractor

Good game 👍🏻

Good game but can you add quads and snow plows to go on trucks ,tractor,quads,side by sides and make it where you have more trucks and make zero turn mowers


Awesome game it is very very good price is good too

Bug fix

I love the game. But been waiting on an update that will fix the problem of kicking me out and have to restart agin. I've spent money on this game and I'm not able to play it. Please fix this problem

Farming USA 2

I love the game but it needs a dodge truck and to have to where you can modify them yourself and to also have there natural sound and to as blow smoke hopefully it can be fixed by the next update and I would love if it had some excavation equipment as wells and a silage pit as well

Total rip off

Makes you pay money and doesn't let you buy anything with the money.

One change needed

I found one bug and that is at the pig farm the manure pump keeps sinking into the round and you have to close the app and reopen to fix. I also wish that they added a 3 point bale spear

Enjoy playing it

More tractors, like a challenger on tracks, a tank to pull behind truck to fill sprayer at different fields. Planter gets hung on road a lot. Also it would be neat to have weather situations arise like forecast of heavy wind so a decision. Has to be made to either harvest your crop or gamble and leave it In the field to dry more and what happens happens

Good game. But add a few things

I absolutely love the game and play it all of the time. But maybe make different seasons so you can plow snow or take leaves for money. And add some chickens or goats. And maybe another pasture for cows. But over great game

Come on

Please release an update or new game this is so boring

Best IOS Farming Game But..

Good needs snow and snow plows more non equipment pack machines. Needs a steering wheel option for steering and a clutch. Also a fuel tank trailer plus traffic and a tow truck more options for the trucks like no dually's also multiplayer add backhoe and snowmobiles also have like a crane truck and fellerbuncher for forestry also,add a mud pit for tooling around in and be able to lift trucks and add character customizations THANKS FOR THE GREAR GAME

Great but got some problems

Best farming game I've played yet pretty close as you can get to actually being in the field. But recently it's been closing while I play

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