Farming USA 2 App Reviews

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I love the game but it needs faster and more often updates and when loading hay onto the trailers you need to have like a lock so you can lock the bale on so it doesn't fall off I played the game last night and saved it before I quit and went to play it today and all my implements were gone


You need an excavator for logging so you can load the logs on to the trailer also needs different types of heads so you can cut the trees and then you can stack them on the trailer you should put a log truck on there with a log boom so you do not have to use the trackers to load them

Awesome game but you should add these things

You should really make the lights brighter and add dirt bikes , horses , and old tractor pack like Massey Ferguson ,International , Oliver , Mahindra , John Deere , and Farm-all , but other than that I love game and highly recommend this game to very one .

1 Thing

This is beyond the greatest farming game out for mobile but I️ would like to be able to sell the farms I️ have bought. EXAMPLE I️ bought the pig barns I️ do t wana do pigs anymore but I️ can’t sell the barns off


Love the game I think it is the best farming game there is but I would like to see a dozer and have it were you can wake you ponds and diches and I would like to see snow and be able to buy hay bales but other than that I love it


Can there be a 3 point hay spear added? Also make it easier to load bales.

Great Game

I love the game but I would like to see a couple things such as bins at a separate farm that you can set up and auger to. Also a dozer that you can make your own fields and push out trees. I would also like to see MULTIPLAYER plz. Thanks!


This game is legendairy ha get it dairy yeah well this game is awesome and play too much of it I would love to see a super semi from pulling USA 2 in game because these stock ones can barely handle a hill with a good load but this game is amazing

Great game —two issues for me

Really enjoy the game! 2 problems need looked at: 1) Need to be able to haul more than 30 pigs at a time max. in semi trailer. (Way too low of an amount-way too many trips to max out hog barn capacity) 2) When my tractor is hooked up running the manure pump(only tested at hog pit) it goes flying into oblivion, appx. 500/700 ft into the air when you dis-connect.

Transportation and diging

I want a new truck and a new backhoe please thank you for all of the work

Good game except

Can you add a old Ford F-150 and also add some riding mowers and also a power wagon

Awesome just needs a little

All I ask for it that the purchases can be restored, you can enter the pig barn, cotton, easier bale loading, and a gps system that is easier to use than the map so that you can like set a waypoint to your destination. Other wise this game is great


Add snow snowmobiles snowplows dirt bikes zero turn mowers people who are in game a multiplayer

Awesome game

What would make this game even better is putting mudding atvs in the game

Good App bad updates

The latest update is pathetic it’s a sorry excuse of the word update. We have all been awaiting a update that progresses the farming themed app. The only thing we got was a pulling sled, truck and tractor for pulling the stupid sled. I would like to think that the people behind the curtains could at least make a update better then this. I was sadly mistaken and so were others. This was a poor excuse for an update the people who let this pass are a poor excuse of the word professionals.

Love it but.......

Greatest farming game ever but crashes on my iPad mini but other than that I would love to see a dozer and 66 series international tractors

Needs new content

Added new content that has nothing to do with the actual game, i did not buy pulling usa, i bought FARMING and all we want is that, lack of attention to the game, has A Lot to learn from farming simulator


Make it where you can buy hay because I spent a lot of money and I can buy hay and it’s hard make inferences had I can’t get it to make hay

Please do

I would like to be able to go into the barn by pasture 1 and see the cows and would also like to go into hog barns and see them. Another thing is I would like to buy anything and everything I sell like hay bales, baby cows, and more. Also would you think about adding baby pigs to the game once you can walk in the hog barns. Thanks for the recent update I have bought everything in the game so far thanks again. A reply would be nice to but I am not sure if AppStore lets it anymore or if it ever did.

Love it but needs something

It would be cool to have maverick ,can-am outlanders , longer cattle trailers , more trucks that roll coal, a hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuggggggeeeee mud pit , also needs duck blinds , a lake , boats, Brahman cattle , can go into your house and cattle barn, faster vehicles

Help me please

Help me please

Upgrade on farming USA 2

I like the game. I wish you could sell the feedlot. I want a house you can go in. I want a motorcycle to drive. I also want charolais cows. I want corrals that you use at your ranch.

It is legitimate

It is so cool

Problems with workers

I hire workers because I’m bad at driving but the workers completely mess up the field and I usually have to do all myself what I mean is they don’t drive strait and ruin my harvest. Also some background noise would be nice like when I’m walking around I would like to hear like birds chirping or footsteps. Other than that it’s a good game

Add these...

I would love it if there were no equipment packs. It would be better if you could bail corn stalks.add seasons.make it so you could go in the house and sleep at night.Make it so you can eat.add a land roller to roll your beans

Good game

Can you add iragtion sprinklers more tractors a bank it would be good if you could add it and can you add snow

Favorite game but!!

I love the new update with the pulling sled made the game so much better. But you need to add more pulling tractors/trucks and make it where the pulling tractors can pull attachments such as disk/grain cart/etc. and add a mud pit and mud trucks so you can do a little bit of everything and add snow and snow plow for winter months (November-March) I would totally recommend this game keep up the good work.

Just like actual farming!

This farming simulator game is the best I have ever came across, and it beats the farming simulator pro and the other big one too. This game has so much to offer to an individual.


Is a farmings perfect game but we need updates

Few more equipment

Love this game be cool if you would add some excavators and dozers be awesome to were you can make your own fields and it would be awesome too if you could by just land and turn it in to a field or use it for cattle

Need more equipment

Great game, I love playing it but it needs more equipment and animals. Also maybe some missions to make the game more interesting. Overall a great game just needs some new equipment. I’ve got almost everything in the store just would like some construction equipment added also.

Needs fixing but great detail!

Next update please put numbers on equipment.please add in drivable slathers.

Diesel Sellzers

Add the mega ram runes


This game is terrible. The touching on it don't work. I bought the game and you had to pay to buy some vehicles.

Great game but needs a new update

This game is amazing I love every part of it but it hasn’t been updated in a while so I would love to see a new equipment pack

More equipment!!!

I love this game but I wish there was a self propelled forage harvester


Very fun game well done would like to see a square ball picker and able to harvest the grass you mow around the fields

Need another update

I love this game. But it seriously needs an update new crops new equipment something Thank you


Add a self propelled John Deer mower, let us work on the truck,tractors, snow mod so we can move snow with the skid steer and tractor

Best farming game in the AppStore

It is seriously the best game in the AppStore I’m serious but it takes forever to download please fix it

Love the game

Love the game but have one problem how do you get animals

Love this game but

I love to play this game. And there is lots of cool stuff you guys should add snow, mud and make it so you could get stuck in both of those things and should add a single wheel for all the truck and have a first gen Cummins and make the truck roll coal like in the first game in the game and the gooseneck trailer should be able to put sides on to haul logs you guys should make the truck cheaper so you aren’t spending all you money on one or two trucks really love the game can’t wait for the next one.

Things needed to make better

Really great game better than first one. We should be able to put duals and loaders at the dealership and at your garage. Can you make a square ball trailer please. Or and when you have a trailer on the semi trailer it just falls off. Can you add old antique tractors. Telehanders would be another great thing to add. Thank you for the game and try to add these things. Could you add more sheds for the equipment. And can you make a bigger slurry spreader. Also the semi animal hauler in real life can haul more then 30 pigs more around 300 pigs a trailer can haul.

❄️ snow and mud

It would make the game a lot better if you would add snow to the game and with it a gator and a snowblower that comes with it would be awesome! And a snowpack so it could earn you guys some more money and I would be willing to pay you if you did . This game is the best farming game ever invented! I hope you can read my message and make a snow season where you can get stuck with the gator and stuff and also you should add a thing where when it rains it gets really muddy and when your in the fields the tractor gets stuck that would be awesome 😃!! Also would like to see updates more often!😃 it been like 4 months since you’ve updated it your users will go down and you will loose money if you don’t update it soon!


I love the game but I would like to see where u can build your own fence like to turn your cows on to fertilize the field and I would like to see when u put round bales on the trailer where they would stay on the trailer or do what farming simulator does and places them on there till u get where ur going

Diving usa

In 2018 can u make digging usa

Online play

Great game, love it. But one thing that would really catch my attention the most would be online playing and play in one big world

Add more stuff please

Could you add a Tedder pls. Also add another selling point for square bales and could you add the big x and add a few more tractors. Thx.

Love the game it’s awesome

Hi so first off I’m a huge fan of the game it’s EPIC I have A few request please.(can you add it to where we can pick up dirt from anywhere,add something to hold the dirt(a truck or a trailer)can you add some more garages maybe one for the small trailer and some trucks,to be able to go inside the house,a feature where u can take the loader arms on/off,where you can turn the lights on/off on all vehicles,where you can plow any ground and farm on it,where you can log any trees anywhere and a covered trailer Well that’s all I want thanks for reading this if you do keep up the good work!

Great game 😀😀😃😃

Great game but it would be great with snow and lifted trucks and where you can pick up logs and cut logs into small pieces.

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