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Needs a few improvements

I love the game but I would like it if I could put steers in the dairy barn or raise Holsteins in general. Like raising them up from a calf until they have a calf and then milk them. It would also be nice if the feed lot was at the main farm. If you could put another shed at the main farm it would be nice or just add a shop where you can customize vehicles after you buy them. If there is already a feature like this please let me know. And after the new update you got rid of my hay and it keeps raining so how am I going to feed my cows and combine my crops if you screwed everything up I’m not mad about my crops but my hay and cows 😡. You are a pain

Flat bed PLEASE!!!

Please add flat bed trucks in Pack #11, add people, add a feedlot for the Pigs, and add Fishing please and THANK YOU !!!!

Farmin suggestions

You should add dump trucks and plows for em then you could will with salt and plow and salt the roads and be prepared for snow and also and excavators and make it where you could bid jobs and where you could bid like a high way contract for mowing or plowing where ya get paid if you complete a yearly or monthly contract for mowing or plowing and just make it with more real features add a knuckle boom for lodging and dump trucks would be amazing for not just plowing but for grain for farming plants thanks a dozer for pushing the stalls mud in to a big pile and a excavator to load it also a bronco and a track loader would be awesome a back hoe and old house and barns where oh could bid to tear down and a landfeild to hall off to and where you could have a shale pit or something where you could hall shale to to job site where there need for grade work and where you could load the shale a motor grader would be cool to I under stand this is a lot but a dump truck would be my fav for next update a pump truck where you go around and pump those tanks but you half to take a mini exavtor to dig to the tank lid would be awesome and we could spread the spetic for fertilizer oh and a long side boom mower one you can move around and extend on the tractor

Love the update but

I love the new update really I do I just love snow plowing but can you make the plows not ab equipment pack because it’s really hard to make it though the snow without a plow and it ends up to you sitting and waiting till the snow melts. Also the machine shed gets full of snow when it snows and you can’t get in and out of it without burning though all you gas. Also the workers don’t finish your whole field and they leave Unharvested/plowed/seeded/Ex spaces in the field in which you have to go back and do so can’t you please fix that its really annoying

Wonderful game.

I was wanting a farming game so when I went onto the App Store I typed in “Farming games” and Farming USA 2 showed up along with a bunch more. I looked at Farming USA 2, he pictures looked like the graphics were bad, I felt confused on if I wanted to buy it and chance wasting money on a garage game. But I bought it and once I got started on the game I couldn’t set it down. It is way better then Farming Simulator, in Farming USA 2 you get all sorts of equipment and all kinds of weather, you can even plow snow. I was glad that I bought it. The only recommendation is that you make the graphics a little better, I mean the graphics are okay but they could be better. Long story short, if you are feeling like your afraid of spending money on a garage game such as this, get this game, IT IS NOT TRASHY AT ALL. I 100% love it. There is not one flaw that I have.


Boat trailers in close trailers new cattle trailers triple axles end dump trailers drop deck trailers new big trucks more atvs flatbed bumper pull trailers AND ADD CAMPERS THAT YOU TOW BEHIND PICKUP TRUCKS ADD SPORTCHASSIS SEARCH IT UP IF U DONT KNOW AND NEW BIG TRUCK PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING FOR ALL THIS STUFF U HAVE MADE A GREAT GAME ONE OF THE BEST U CAN MAKE IT BETTER BY LISTENING TO THIS FAN PLZ PLZ PLZ

Awesome game but needs a few things

If your going to add sessions then add like a valley irrigation system to water the field and if you going to add a big forage wagon the add a big harvester like a John Deere 7780 with duals and a oxbo dump cart if I could see all this equipment in the future that would be great!


Love the updates and the new equipment but the mowers on the small tractor and the brush hog doesn’t mow the grass around the farm


I love the game, but could you fix the 3pt bale spike for the tractor and add a bale bed option for the back of the trucks!

Possible add-ons

Awesome game. Very realistic when it comes to raising animal. Would be nice to have a self propelled forage chopper and hay windrower though.

Farming USA

This game is a lot of fun but you should be able to drive the pulling sled.

Worst update

This multiplayer update has ruined the game 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Upgrade on farming USA 2

I like the game. I wish you could sell the feedlot. I want a house you can go in. I want a motorcycle to drive. I also want charolais cows. I want corrals that you use at your ranch. I want to buy a gun. I want a- shotgun or a rifle. I want water in tanks. I want the water in the tank to freeze. I also want a ax to brake the ice. I want forks for the payload.


There is something wrong with the weather tab because it doesn’t tell the correct weather

Add travel trailer

Campers more tires too choose from four wheel drive switch winch snowmobile cars and put light bar add on different truck sounds bed light mud map where you can get stuck put a zero turn lawn mower put a store where you can buy food drinks put trails put led lights put go karts put traffic put power tools update now now now today please.

Game request

Y’all should put a cake box to feed your cows during the winter a cake box to put or your pickups great game

Love the game and the latest update

Could you make the new bale spear for 3pt work a little better and make the bales a little more playable, they’re like handling tires. The bales get stuck on your spear a lot and unable to carry bales. Auto unloading would be nice at the wood yard also. The loader function button is to tight with the screen movement, constantly scrolling the screen while working with the loader. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see what’s next. I forgot to mention the hay rake is skipping a lot of hay since update. Thanks again!


We need more sheds and buildings to store equipment at the main farm. Need straps on the bale trailer, need a telhanddler for staking bales. Need forks of the wheel louder, need 8 wheels on the medium tractor. A self propelled mower, and we need to be able to have silage bales.


The snow looks really but when you plow it it doesn’t move at all

Can you add

Can you add a police department and some police cars and a fire department please.

Great game please read!

Next update please make it to were you can join random games with other players. Other than that great game I love it.I would prefer it. Worth the money.Thank you Bowen Games!!!!!!!!!!!

Needs new content

Great content added in the last update! Im diggin it

Cool game

I think you should get snowmobiles for the winter and some more ponds and make more save games and make it so you can go in the house

I love the game but

I think it would be cool to have a little square baller with wagons and you can put the little square bales in the barn and you could lift them with your hands

Great game

I absolutely love this game, but I do think you need to add a enclosed trailer where we can haul all of our equipment and also a few camping spots. I also think that an RV or an 5th wheel toy hauler should be added. Other then that the game is amazing. Hope to see these new updates:)


It would be nice if the game would have a forage harvester because the pull behind take to long but over all game is nice

Great game!!!

This is by far the best farming simulator I have found. It gets better with every update. Would love to see a telihandler added, better hay handling gameplay, and a way to just purchase hay for those of us that would rather not bale our own. Also a suggestion would be to create a toggle for turning the seasons on and off for those that don’t want them. Still great app and can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.


In the next update can you guys please make some trucks that are diesel, by the way this is the best game ever.

Great game but needs a new update

I love the new update but my straw and hay bales keep disappearing. Yes it dose do that with the new bales too. Also you should make a hunting USA 2

Service truck

This game is really fun but I think you need to add a service truck in the game and also make it where tho I think 4020s be able to have the bucket loader option 😀 thank ya if you do so


Could there be second gen vehicles in the game also a ramp tow truck like a 1996 international ramp Truck or a Work Truck like what I mean is something with a tool body maybe a crane on the trucks I’m sorry to ask this but can you maybe add an old car or just a daily driver if you read this thank you


Plz add a self propled silage harvester

Fun game

Great game but needs some more ATV and UTV options like a Polaris RZR and a Honda Pioneer and a Raptor 700 and could you add a bumper hitch trailer with no sides surrounding it and could you add a place on the map we’re you could unload your UTV or ATV off your trailer and go and ride on some trails


I think you should add snowmobiles

Great game

The game is good it’s a unique farming game with a lot of content and a ton of things to do from standard farming to logging to owning a business the vehicles are cool and I often drive during my free time in the game if you are a farm sim fan like me I seriously recommend this game to you.


ADD MORE TRUCKS!!! Dodge Ram 2500, 3500!!!!

Cattle feeding and trucks

Try I love this game very much I just wish you could add a cattle cake feeder on the back of the truck to feed cattle in feeders. Lastly I would like you to make a first gen Cummins truck and make the flat beds where you can’t see under the truck, such as the cm sk truck bed. This is my favorite farming game and I would appreciate it if you could add at least one of them. Thank you Bowen games.

Great game but needs a few updates

I just bought the loader and I was seeing if any heads for picking up the hay bails but none of them worked but great game I play it every time I have school day off or when I am done with my homework

Worth the money Great game! Great update!

Have to edit this comment because a lot of great things happened to this game that I’m excited about. One thing, was I suppose to get a self propelled mower and forage harvester because in this latest update (1.47) I got the wheel loader, new forage box, and the manure sprayer. Thanks for updating this game because I gladly payed for all the purchases you have up except add-money’s. Another thing, I would like to see some more older styles of tractors, I know the Deere 4440 is considered old but I’m talking like antiques that you’d take to a tractor show, such as Oliver 77, Massey Harris 44, and an international 1468 would be cool 68 series is one of my favorites. Thanks for putting in your time to make this game, many hours of yours and my time on this game.

Love the game but needs a few things added

I think you should add a excavator where you can dig your own ditches and I also think you should contract jobs on the game I think that would make the game a lot better but I love the game and I think it is a great game I just really want them things to be added because I think that would make it even better

I love it

I love this game all I want is a John Deere 7800 and a 3 point bush hog thanks

Excellent game!!!! Super realistic

Coming from small town iowa where this is most of our life I’m fascinated to see such a well put together and fun game. It does start off a little slow to where you have to purchase packs to get the good stuff but it is well worth the few bucks for hours of entertainment!!!!! Bowen if there is anything on this game that I could change or add it would be just one thing, that is straps for all the flat bed and hay trailers. This last update is amazing with the snow added and the seasons to make the best game even better!!!! I can email you if you would like to speak a little more about it!!! Overall realistic, fun, adds hours of entertainment during the winter months when we can’t farm!!! I can’t give this game a positive enough review on how attentive to detail you guys are!!!! Thank you!!!

Like the game but it could some work please read

Like ram 2500s and new atvs and snowmobiles and campers and dirt and pools and houses that you can go inside and bigger barns and bigger map and new guns for hunting and holidays make people look real and ponds and boats and fishing mods and race cars and durbe trucks and more tractor pulling mods more animals better snow graphics make things more realistic and use power tools to make things and movable tree stand and work shops and more mowers and new plows. And I hope you guys can make these mod it will make the game funner

Great Game

Great game and lots of fun!! Takes a few minutes to figure out how it all works, but not to bad. Developer responded very quickly to email and appears to care about player input. BEST FARMING GAME I’VE SEEN!! Keep it up Bowen!

Need to fix multiplayer

Love the game but you need to fix multiplayer cause we pay a 1 dollar and don’t get to play it unless we have there id number it should just join and play but a limited amount of people in one sever

Best game ever

How do you change the seasons to make it snow

Great game, Please read!!!!

This a very good game but has a few things that need to be fixed in my opinion. First the controls, it’s kinda inconvenient to look around and it will freeze up sometimes, and better vehicle handling. Another suggestion would be putting the map on part of the screen so you could see where you are going instead of having to stop and pause every few minutes. That is all the problems but I have a few suggestions that I think would brighten the game, I think making customizable vehicles, and having a gun store for hunting so you could get better equipment, more ATVs, and also adding a part to the map so you can tap where you want to go and it acts as a gps. This game has great potential and I’d love to see it get better and better, my main concern is he controls though.


Its a good game but why do i have to go alllllll the way around to get to the field i spent 30 min searching for a way to the field. Also the re-sell price should be based off the level of use. My advice for anyone buying: if you buy this game make sure to have extra money to pay for vehicle packs.


I love the game but you should think about putting where u can rent stuff cause if you don’t have the money then you could get stuff done

Great game!

This game is well worth the money. The developer is constantly improving the game and has in game purchases for new content at relatively low prices considering there isn’t any advertisements in the game. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up.

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