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Please read and Add please 🚜

Well first off I love the game but we need to start off with a little more money. Cause if u think of it u only harvest once in all these game days to start off with then you sit here for like an hour or two just waiting for the seasons to go by and plant again But anyways I think u should make it were we can go into the house and skip the day like an option by a bed or something to skip that day to move on to the next. Also maybe add some traffic to please and some light and blinkers for the tractors and trucks. You should also add some place to sell silage like silage pits maybe or something. Also add more semi truck stuff and maybe more logging stuff. Can u also add like more equipment that we can have to not pay for in the game please like every equipment pack u add make one free so then people who don’t want to pay for more equipment can still look forward to more equipment to come that they don’t have to pay for because not everyone wants to pay lots more money for a game that already costs money. Also can u add better steering for the skid steer because it’s kinda hard to control with the options for steering you give us. Also you should add a lot more bigger logging equipment and some more bigger harvesters and mowing stuff. Can You also add a section (free) were we can do landscaping and get paid for it maybe. Also can u try to make multiplayer free please. This game has a lot of potential but in order to get that potential you need to have the same amount of free stuff as stuff to pay for. Because you have more stuff to pay for than stuff that’s free. If u could please add these that would be awesome!!! 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

Love the game

We need more Storage at the main farm


ADD ALLIS CHALMERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really love this game but some thing is missing I would like some construction equipment and I would like to dig out the ditch and have a city and dig up fields and have sprinklers like a pivet or hand lines,wheel lines thanks for making this game you are the best. When is the next up date hope it’s soon. Also will you answer me back when you get the chance to read this thank you. When the next update when is the next update it’s been for ever

Wood farms

There needs to be more land to harvest


yall should put a inclosed

Great game!

Good game but add a challenger with tracks


I really love the game.I play it all the time.I was wondering if you can put some more logging equipment, like a skidder, flellerbuncher, and a clambunk. And a dozer to push land for pastures.

To add stuff

I think you should I had a mini dump truck and a excavator so we could have more fun and will you put snow in the dump truck and you shouldn’t be in the land so we have a stuffed

Next Update could u add this please

I love the game but please make the diesels blow black smoke.I love y’all put the first gen Cummins in there but I want it strait piped with a big exhaust tip. The sound of the trucks are gas burners so please put a diesel noise on the Cummins Ford and the Durmax

Farming USA 2

You should let us buy sheds and be able to place them anywhere or add more sheds in the game instead of just one. Add a smaller grain Kart.

More equipment

Can you add a goose neck dump trailer track hoe dozer back hoe to dig and make your own fields ditches and roads also can you add 8 foot mowers like gush hogs or something if you read this PLEASE add the bush hog and dozer

Creater plz read this it’s nothing bad

Umm I love this game but just a few thing not bad thing but can you make it with dust affects when your driving and can you make it were you can landscape a house and dig and have excavates and mini exes and one more thing the law and the general lee with the details thx for your time and I love the game and plz put this in next update plz I LOVE THIS GAME

Love the game but...

I love this game but I feel like all the equipment should free instead of having like two tractors when you start so yeah.


Love the game but I wish they would give us more money to start off with and I wish they would update it more too


Wait so there won’t be anymore updates?

Lift Higher 🚜

Can you make it to were the back hydraulics on the back lift up high enough you can hook up like a hay wagon. Please and Keep up the good work my man! 👌👌👌🥇🥇🥇

Please respond

You should add a hay bail picker upper and a John Deere 2950

Glitches when u save and leave why😡😩🤨😭

I was just playin like we all do and I had to go somewhere so I saved it and left well I had a tractor on my trailer and it was so crazy the forks was stuck in the gooseneck and the tractor was in the air and I was like what in the 🌍 world is going on and I had spent 140,000 on the tractor which was my budget and now I would how to sell it and work so I could finally rebuy it and I didn’t want to do that and that’s why I’m here and if you the creators of this app I would appreciate if you would fix this glitch please let me know.

No more updates are coming



Just need more case equipment

I love it

I love this game wish you would add a John deer r series tractor with duals in the front and back also a John deer bale cotton picker and the option to plant cotton


We need a new update where you have to work your animals. More cattle and pastures. Can we also have some more tractors that don’t cost real world money. We need more real life farm equipment and process of farming. Thanks


If y’all at the company read this it is a great game in all but if you could and bull bars it would be a little bit better and if you could add a bale stabler it would be nose and cool to have.

Good game but one thing

You should add a case magnum and make the map bigger and make hill climbing and like some new animals like goats sheep lamias and some more equipment to make the game better and make sure to add a hydra bed next the glitch is the games problem and then add some sports make a concert basketball court and make it where we can go in the house and look at are deer mounts and add some more hunting animals like a moose boar and all the others and I would love to see where you can set were you want your deer stand or blind to be and add brands like massy Ferguson and international harvester and Thant’s all I think thank you please please please please please please


What is the large snow plow for?? And what do u hook it on to??

Bowen games

When is the next update I love farming USA 2 and 1 I think you should add mods for the quad and ranger and trucks overall I love the game

Dobson Farms

This game is fun if would be even cool if you had cotton or peanut on there too

Great game

Good game you need to do a update though and add like more farms and Great Plains planter and like a 1995 ford power stroke make it so you can roll coal and lift it and make it to wear it can be a single cab crew cab or a 4 door different color rims and like light bars and bumpers and stacks like you could get a hood stack or stack in the back or a big one out the back but please read good game and respond and do an update please and thank you


•Can you add old tractors plz •Older equipment •New map •New mods This is my favorite game plz add this stuff and get an update plz


Can you update sometime soon and get it where you can have older tractors and older trucks and where you could fix it with better equipment and stuff And mods and old equipment is why on can you please do that

Please read

I think there should be more bed options for the trucks and there should be a fuel trailer so u don’t have to come back to the house just to put fuel in your truck or tractor

The best farming simulator on the market but a bit pricey

This is my favorite game of all time but there hasn't been a big update for awhile. When will that come?


You should add like a exavator or backhoe something to play in the mud with also when is the next update

Add theese

Hummer Tractor brands Dump trucks And a tractor trailer truck with w Crane


Lowboy still has a little glitch but other then that great game


Can I have some big loud heavy cummins,duramax,and super duty. And I would like real brands or names for brands. I would like a customization of truck stacks for the pickups. P.s I want a peterbilt, ram 2500 and 3500 Cummins 1998 pickup I would also love to be able to turn any truck into a diesel thank you hope to se update

Love it but needs something

It would make some rice fields, crawfish ponds, longer cattle trailers, also needs duck blinds , a lake , and fishing mods. Some barns and others stuff that you can place anywhere you want too.


This game is awesome but I think you should add a county fair and stuff like that where we can show some of are cattle and a dot we can work at for extra money to support are fake farm. Also you should add tractors like the case ih7120s and tractors like and old case tractors like 806 diesels thanks I love the game so much an dot tractors and trucks also when is nearest update it has been awhile

Unstoppable glitch

I purchased this game for my fist grader n I too play. I then spent an additional $15 to purchase funds n unlock specific vehicles so that we could play together on separate iPads only to have a glitch that makes the game unplayable. Example: I can see my son in the game I am hosting n he can see me. The problem is that when I go to pick up a log trailer and hook it up to the truck everything is good, however when my son comes by, he can see the truck but does not see the trailer. The same trailer is in a different location of the farm where he can see yet, hook it up to a truck, but I cannot see it. To make matters worse, the same truck and trailer then gets caught up in a error that looks like as if it were in a tornado that continues in a endless loop. To pay this much money for a game, knowing that the graphics aren’t the best but it should be a fun game to play is very sad and reflects poorly on the developers. To the developers, I don’t mind spending money to enjoy a game, be it not the best game when it comes to graphics, that I’m ok with knowing what I’m getting into, but I do mind giving away money on something that does not work. When I put cash out for something I expected to behave in a certain manner, and will continue to write and speak up about this poor performance until an answer and solution is found. I’ve very rarely give out ratings, but when I do it’s for a good reason. Please address my grievances


Thank you for the fixes in the last updates. If possible it would be nice to have a grain dump truck, maybe a new John Deere row crop tractor. Very good game

More ideas

It’s a great game but well worth the money you should make the map pigger with and other machines shed and make another farm without a house with barns and by the dairy farm there is a dirt path that stops you should extend that out to we’re there are more fields and more pastures maybe another small town where you can put a bank or another shed then just make it bigger with more aspects and maybe add more semi trucks

Love game

I love this game but I want to fish a boat a dirt bike but this is my favorite game and it is way better than all my games.

Game requests

I would like to see kubotas on the game and a bar top gooseneck cow trailer and I would like to be able to have chicken houses

Look at this

When is the next update


Cameras need work. To dark at times on rainy days hard to see. Things get a bit pricey as well but overall decent game not bad good job. But needs a New Holland T9, should be allowed to put anything on the low boy without it doing back flips I.e. implements......when is an update expected?

Farming usa2

Can u make more houses and suv and make it more bigger and more barns and a ranch and more Vehicles and 5000 acres and add a Cadillac Escalade and can u put police cars and ambulance and firefighters and a ram 1500 and ford 150 and Chevy 1500

Awesome game

Add a truck with a flatbed that will pick up the hay bells.

Hay Equipment

This is a great game to play. But could you add more hay equipment? Different Rakes Hay merger Auto load trailer or wagon Mowers to go on the tractor, front and sides. I would gladly pay for that equipment pack !!!

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