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Bulls and a awesome game

Mr Bowen I’m not asking for much but can you make it to where u can but like 3 bulls in one pasture to get the cows bread pls awesome game I have been telling friends to get it thank you if you read this.

Great game

Could you please add a bucket with a grapple on it for the the loader tractor and make it so you can attach and in attach the loader to the tractor please love this game keep up the good work👍


Could you make it to where you can go in the house like hunting

This is a awsome game but it could be better

I would like to see a dozer and some trucks that u could change the rims and stuff like that and it would be cool to have a 4430 John Deere tractor because that’s what I have on my farm and all the other tractors y’all have on here we have on the farm so it would be cool. It would be cool if u could go in the house and sleep through the night and it would also be cool if u had traffic on the roads. Thanks for the awsome game!!!

Please read and update

This is the best game I have ever played. Can you add boats, rv, lakes, more trucks.add mud and make the side by side longer and add razors,dirk bike and dirt bike track


You should add like a exavator or backhoe something to play in the mud with


Very good game just wish you could load the atv and ITV into the tailgate of the trucks and please add more atv and utvs please

One last chance

Please give me the biggest pack and I'll give you so many great reviews or I'll give you so many terrible reviews

Best game I’ve played on my phone

Amazing game wayyyy better than any other farming game I’ve played... but should add a silage pit and everything needed to get that job done. Add another shed to store machinery in maybe? That’d be very helpful, but still this game is 10/10 the best there is

Loader detachment option

Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee make en option to detach loaders it’ll make certain things easier and save money for players

To the makers

I love this game! You should make it so you can customize the rims and body of the trucks and put SUVS in the games that can tow


What is the straw bales used for besides just to sell, because I think they should be used to feed and to bed the cattle in the feed lot I also who like horses and a bigger map


Cameras need work. To dark at times on rainy days hard to see. Things get a bit pricey as well but overall decent game not bad good job. But needs a New Holland T9 should be allowed we’d to put anything on the low boy without it doing back flips I.e. implements

Side by side and stuff

First off love the game well worth spending the money on it but I’d like it if there was RzR’s 2 seaters and 4 seaters, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, sport quads, rail buggies and more trails and stuff just something fun to do while for the wait on season and if you could do this it would be awesome.


Tractor keeps on slowing down on field, I don’t know why.

Great game needs more stuff

So this game is easily the best farming game for pocket edition but needs a bigger tractor the biggest tractor has a low power not enough power for a bigger plow so I say add a big bud with triples 1100 hp and add a ways to add more hp to your tractor also add a scorpion king and buffalo for logging and a in enclosed trailer please add a huge plow and planter like a 60 row plow and a 56 row planter also a dual front tire and rear triples for the light tractors like the magnum and 6/7/8r tractor also an interior to the house and a way to close the gates so when you park a tractor to close to a door it will not stay open and add a few more sports and old cars make to we’re you can choose to be on seasons so you can farm all year round also more off-road trucks like a Jeep please read and reply great game🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜 also a tracked side by side

Farming USA 2

I love this game u guys need to add like a enclosed cargo trailer, camper with toyhauler I need dump trucks and different maps

New update

First off the game is awesome but i think there should be a scorpion king and a Buffalo for logging .

Please do

Please put Allis chalmers I’m from a small town in Iowa and I love the game but I really would love if you would add two towns and a black grain trailer more semis Steiger tractor and ethanol plant to sell corn I have a very nice hog operation and needs to be cheaper and big chicken barns love the game please respond by for now

Please fix

Can u please fix this it was kicking my partner and I out of the game when we were playing multiplayer

Please reply

This is a very fun game I buy a bunch of stuff with my money but I thank you should add more semis including peterbuilt and add cattle working pens and brands and ear tags also horses more pastor and in the new pastor my cows are getting out by the house can you fix plz I thank that’s it plz reply

Great but needs very little work!

I love this game but it needs work add more cattle breeds more animals... like goats sheep, chickens and that kind of should make a bigger map please and I can’t figure out how to feed the milk cows or put feed in the feedlot I can’t even figure out how to mix feed and grain. single wheeled trucks would be nice and if you could add some more tractors and implements that would be should make it so we can go in the house and sleep to make it day and night. thanks for making these game it’s awesome but if you could do some of the suggestions it would be awesome. Thanks


This game is awesome but I think you should add a county fair and stuff like that where we can show some of are cattle and a dot we can work at for extra money to support are fake farm

Ranch map

I love the game but, I think there should be just a map for cattle, with working pens and squeeze chute and horse that you can ride to gather the cattle.

Good game

Plz tell me how to fix this my tractor won’t except fuel and says nan were the fuel percentage should be and it won’t work

Comments & Suggestions

First of all, I was very hesitant to buy this game since all the other ones I’ve played besides farming simulator 14, 16, and 18 have been a joke and these three are very limited and not very detailed with only day and night but no seasons. But once I started playing I quickly realized I’ve found the best one that there is out there to play in this one. Well worth the money and do buy all packs at once for those who are hesitant, its well worth it. Suggestions I have is that you make it to were you can go into the house and maybe even to a bed to skip time(pay the cost if you have livestock to feed and skip anyways), or a 10x speed up option. Then I would like to see a bank added to where you can take out a loan with monthly payments, and where you can start another farm or start over from the beginning. Otherwise only options you have is to play your single game with no restarts, or play multiplayer. Having the option to start over or start a completely new one while keeping the old one would be very nice. Specially in cases where you start to do something just to have an idea to take the farm in another direction but can’t for the lack of money you just spent going in another direction. Then give more info on the equipment and what you need it for. Thanks for making such a great game and keep the updates coming. Thanks!!!

More vehicles

Please add a dump truck and trailer a bigger bumper pull flatbed and lawnmowers and placeibld shop

Please read

I really like this game is is so fun but I think you should add some things like in the fall leaves should fall off trees and you could put a trailer bagger on the little tractor that you can put the mower on so then you can pick up the leaves that fall. I also think you should add like a Tahoe of a suv of some kind that can pull trailers that use a hitch like the bumper trailer and you can add a upgrade to the suv buy buying a seed and gas holder in the trunk. Also I think you should add a little enclosed trailer that you can put the little tractor gator and atv in. My final idea for you is maybe adding in a front end snow blower for the gator atv and small tractor to clear out some of the snow. Other than they great game keep up you awesome work


Best game i have ever played but you need to add rice

Best game ever by far❗️ 5️⃣ out of 5️⃣ stars!

This is definitely the most realistic game I have ever played on a mobile device. I have a whole lot of farming games and I think Farming USA 2 is undoubtedly the most realistic farming game. To the developer: I would really like if you added some more International Harvester Equipment like a 3588 2+2 that you could have the option to put duals on.That would be AWESOME! Also a snowmobile would be real handy for checking cows in the winter. A lawn mower would be nice too. One more thing, at the dairy I have around twenty cows and they eat tons of feed and I have to almost constantly refill their feeders. Is that supposed to happen? What should I do? Also I just want to say thanks for making awesome new updates unlike most other games:-) Thanks a lot for reading! P.S. I think that this game is totally worth every cent!

Farming USA 2

First off I love the game but I wish it started you out with more money Because you get it right to planting and then while you wait you have nothing to do so I think you should start out with more money also I wish you could load up your ATV in the back of your truck it would be more convenient because you wouldn’t have to buy a trailer.

Great game

In the next update make where when you buy hay it puts it on your trailer


I love this game. One question. Why do you have to pay real money for most of the equipment. For me that is my only problem. I would also like in the next update if you can add being able to mow grass to bale so it is cheaper to do hay and you don’t have to by a drill for one little planting job. I think you should add in the next update a bale fork that attaches to the three point hitch.


There needs to be a tow truck and a bucket truck in the game

I don’t understand

When I hire a crop duster it costed me 2 thousand dollar (in game money) but it didn’t add any fertilization to the field ply fix this and maybe please add traffic or damage so you have to repair vehicles and tractors but plz fix the crop duster

Farming USA 2

Please add new update please please please please please please Please please Please

Farming USA 2

You guys should add a dodge second gen dually and some Oliver tractors and more old school tractors


I hate this game I would like it if you add a Allis Chalmers D17 or a 185!!!!!!! Please please add some Allis Chalmers

Make new mowers

Add zero turn mower’s


It’s a good game but I think it would be cool to have a small square baler with kick bale wagons to go along behind and be able to stack the bales off the wagon on to a pile

Love this game but

I love to play this game. There is lots of good stuff that you already put in it. But it’s missing some stuff like an dump truck and some track hoe and stuff like that, can you make it so that the trucks role coal and that all the truck can connect to all the trailers it would also be way cool if you could preform maintenance on the trucks and tractors and making so the camper can connect to the bumper trailer if you could do that it would be awesome by far the best farming game out there!!!

Add please

Add a zero turn lawn mower and a lawn trailer.


What are the forks for


I love the game but you should think about putting where u can rent stuff cause if you don’t have the money then you could get stuff done.


Can you pls take a way winter and I get it you want it to be the best farming game there is and so far it is.


Amazing game bro I love it but if you could can you add more type of plants that would be awesome 😀

Please add some more Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks

I really really love this game, but maybe you should add in a few more Ford, Chevy, and dodge diesel trucks from the early 2000s. Like maybe a new, non-dually Ford F-350 pickup. Same thing with the Chevy. Non-dually Chevy 2500. Plus, a dodge 2500 or a 3500 pickup truck would be nice too. Also, can you make the tractors and trucks have different engine sounds? The Ford should have a Powerstroke sound with a turbo whistle, the Chevy should have a Duramax sound with a turbo whistle, and the Dodge should have a Cummins sound with a turbo whistle. They sound kind of weird having the same sound. And maybe more tractors to choose from and also more trucks to choose from. Also, can you add some more dually trucks to choose from, too? And can you add some more lawnmowers to choose from, too? Other than that, it’s a great game.


I have an idea for the logging part of the game. I was wondering if you could add a ponsse king scorpion please.


I wish you could get crop dusters.

About farming USA 2

Please add next update I’ve been checking every day I get on my phone

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